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Hello, my name is June Clarke and I have been involved with the breed since I first met them on a visit to one of the founders of the breed, Eddy Harrison, in the early 1990's.

My first dog of this breed came from Eddy and she was called Tawney, you will find a page about her as you go on through the site.

I currently have 2 sisters bred by Lyn Barraclough of the Sulin Kennels who has been involved in breeding these dogs for the last 18 years. Her founder dogs were originally bred by Eddy and are the reason I chose Cariad and Maelona from Lyn's lines. Collectively they are known as The Norties, and their exploits are many and varied and they are already becoming somewhat of a legend.

Time has moved on considerably since I first started this site, and I have a daughter each from both Cariad and Maelona, who are enjoying their well deserved retirement, and letting their girls take over the reins and the responsibility for the new generation of Utonagan.

Mabs is Maelona and Storm's (Engrish Sinopa @Katoriesland) daughter, she is from their 2nd litter and was born on 30 January 2012. Thank you to Jan at Katoriesland for allowing me the great privilege of not only having Storm as the father of 3 of my girls' litters, but also being able to get to know him, he was a real gentleman in every sense of the word, and his sudden passing only months after his retirement was a sad loss to our breed.

Keshi is Cariad and JJ's (Two Dogs Jay Silverheels) daughter and she was born on the 6 November 2012. Many thanks to Allan at Two Dogs for allowing me a litter from JJ and also for looking after Cariad so well when she came to stay with him to honeymoon with JJ, who is a lovely boy, nice natured and very kind and gentle. It was something I had been wanting for a couple of years, but life kept interfering, as it does, so it was wonderful to at last get the litter, and the daughter, I had been planning for so long.

My 4 girls have their own pages with pictures and information about them and their very different personalities.

Doneghogawa is Iroquoi and means 'The One Who Guards The Gate At Sunset' and is, I feel very apt, as both Tawney, and now my girls lie across the back door or back gate at night.

The girls are raw fed and eat a wide range of meat mixed with pureed vegetables and tinned tomatoes mixed in with it {dogs cannot digest cellulose so it must be pureed otherwise they will not benefit from it}, dried seaweed {from my vets} and vitamins. They also have tinned fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, pilchards and mackerel in tomato sauce. Also whole fish and game such as rabbit is very popular.

Tomatoes are anti-carcinogenic and although part of the deadly nightshade family they can be fed in a cooked, tinned form.

All my meat is supplied by J G Meats in Farnworth Lancashire who make their own pet mince to order from 100% chicken as well as supplying various other items to me. Just a name check there for you - never say I do nowt for you!



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