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Shortly before Tawney had her first stroke I began looking for another female pup.

I knew Tawney was getting on in years, and wanted another one, first of all to keep her company as I had lost my other dog the year before, and secondly because I could not bear the thought of being without one of these wonderful dogs.

After Tawney’s first 2 strokes, the search intensified, and finally in December 2005 I heard that Lyn Barraclough of Sulin Kennels had a litter born in the November.

I knew Lyn’s dogs were from the same lines as my Tawney, and were from Eddy’s original stock, so immediately knew that my search was over. Lyn has been breeding Utonagans for 10 years or more, and I knew that the pups would be of the right type and quality.

I contacted Lyn in January, introduced myself, and she sent me some photos over. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was for me, I rang Lyn and said ‘I want that one, and her name is Cariad..’

Cariad is Welsh for Darling. I arranged to go over to see Lyn the following weekend for me to meet both her and her dogs.

My long suffering son, Leon, came over and drove me to the Lyn Peninsula.

Lyn made us very welcome and introduced me to Anzarra and Yana, the pups’ parents.

I also met Inca (Grandma) and Hanuka (Great Grandma).

Then she brought in 2 female pups to see which one I bonded best with. Immediately I knew it was Cariad and arranged to collect her the following fortnight, bringing Tawney along with me.

Unfortunately of course, Tawney died 5 days before I collected Cariad.

I contacted Lyn when Tawney passed over and discussed the possibility of me taking another one of her pups back with me when I came over for Cariad, more of that later.

Cariad has a very laid back character, she is always happy and will literally go with anyone. Her temperament is excellent and I have to say she is the clown.

She is happy to learn any tricks I care to teach her, and adores to learn new things.

She has a very short attention span however, and sometimes will go off into her own little world and become totally oblivious if she sees other dogs, squirrels or birds that interest her, off she goes, paying me no attention whatsoever!  I have never known her to be rough or unkind, she is gentle and extremely loving and a joy to have with me.

In July 2006 at the Blackpool Utonagan Show Cariad was placed 2nd in the Puppy Class, at the age of 10 months at the Ross on Wye Utonagan Show in September 2006 she won Best Puppy. In the Utonagan Class at the Northern Inuit Show August 2007 she was placed 2nd in the Bitch Class. In May 2008 in the Utonagan Class at the Northern Inuit Essex Show she won her class and then went on to win Best In Show.






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