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Hips 5:5, Elbows 0:0, Eyes Clear, DM:Clear

Cruz is a proven sire

Cruz is an Alaskan Shepherd from KC registered parents, his father is a GSD and mother an Alaskan Malamute Jointly owned by Donehogawa and Katoriesland Utonagan he came to help widen the tiny Utonagan gene pool and bring fresh, but health tested, bloodlines into it from the founder breeds. This has become desperately needed over the past few years due to some of the matings that have taken place. Inbreeding in the guise of line breeding, little or no research done into the background of the parents of planned litters, all bringing problems that would and has rebounded on the next generations of Utonagan. The word 'Moribito' means Guardian Of The Spirit, as Donehogawa means Guardian Of The Gate and Katoriesland means Spirit Land, we thought it appropriate for Cruz's affix When Jan (Katoriesland) and I went to collect Cruz, we set off at 4am in what can only be described as a monsoon. We joked that we should call him Rainman in commemeration of the weather we had experienced during our very long journey. I looked for another word for Rainman, and found Nijuga, so that became his posh name. Jan's youngest daughter supplied us with his pet name, Cruz. He lives at Katoriesland in Blackpool and visitors are welcome by prior arrangement. With a fantastic recall and outstanding kind temperament Cruz has become a much loved member of both our families and is available to health tested females only












































































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