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Maelona is Welsh for Princess, and is very apt. Her pet name is Lona.

When Tawney passed over I discussed with Lyn Barraclough the possibility of me taking another pup home with me. After many conversations she agreed to this, and said she had one that at the moment was the ugly duckling of the litter but that she would turn into a swan. I looked up the Welsh name for swan, and it was Cygi, which was not really very elegant in my opinion, so after yet more discussions with Lyn, we agreed on Maelona.

Once I had Cariad on my knee, Lyn then brought in Maelona. She was black with little silver eyebrows, silver wellingtons and silver muzzle, and I was immediately smitten with her. She has an entirely different personality than Cariad though, which became immediately apparent, whilst Cariad was content to snuggle up to me, Maelona wanted to observe and watch me to make sure I was a proper person to look after her and bring her up correctly!

Maelona is very majestic, she paces along like she is true royalty. She will sit and look at people before she decides whether she is going to over to them or not, if they call her over to them she ignores them totally and they have to wait for her.

She is excellent at obedience work and tries really hard and is very precise, unlike her sister who sometimes cannot be bothered!!!  Also unlike her sister she does not ‘do’ tricks, and although she will do things to please me, she makes it very clear it is a concession and a privilege!  Maelona is of a very independent nature and will not be rushed into anything, she takes her time and mulls it over, she does not give  her heart or affection easily, it has to be earned, and I am honoured that I have her love and commitment.

In July 2006 Maelona was placed fourth in the Puppy Class at the Blackpool Utonagan Show, she was placed 5th in the Puppy Class at the Ross on Wye Utonagan Show in September 2006. In the Utonagan Class at the Northern Inuit Show August 2007 she was placed 1st in the Bitch Class and went on to win Best Utonagan In Show. In May 2008 in the Utonagan Class at the Northern Inuit Show she was placed 3rd, then in August 2008 she won 1st in the Utonagan Bitch Class and went on to Reserve Best In Show









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