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Hips 9, Elbows 0:0, Eyes Clear

Sire : Engrish Sinopa @Katoriesland (Storm)
Dam : Sulin Maelona @Donehogawa (Lona)

Taran was born on 31 January 2012 and comes from the Dirty Dozen litter, the last litter Storm fathered as it turned out. That litter was very very special in so many ways, the largest living Utonagan litter, they all made it through and thrived from day 1. Jan (Katoriesland) particularly wanted a son off Storm and Lona, and I wanted a daughter, so we agreed to bring Storm out of retirement and have this last litter, although neither of us expected to have quite so many to choose from!!! He lives with several horses and you can see from his pictures that he is totally at ease with them in whatever situation he is placed. In the first two years of his life he has not only learned the more usual type of training but also several other things that are unique to him, and anything his mummy tasks him with he takes on board and learns very quickly and easily. He leads a very active outdoor life and rarely stops from one minute to the next. Totally loyal, loving and kind, exceptionally good health tests, handsome with excellent conformation, what more could anyone ask. Taran is available to health tested bitches only Thank you so very much Amie for all your hard work and commitment, I couldn't ask for a better home for one of my boys.




























































































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