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I met Tawney one Saturday in early May 1995.  I had been shown an advertisement that

Eddy Harrison had put in (Cage and Aviary of all things) for some pups she had for sale.

Having just lost one of my dobie girls to the dreaded back problem, I was looking around for a dog with a ‘difference’. Well I certainly found one!

I sweet talked my friend (and her husband into letting her go) into driving me down to Newark in Nottingham, his final words to her were ‘ and don’t you bring anything back as well…’ famous last words I am afraid!

Well we finally got there early afternoon and Eddy showed us around her place. There were dogs everywhere, adults and pups. When I had spoken to her on the telephone the night before I had mentioned that I had always been interested in owning a husky, she said to me that I would never be able to let one off the lead as they often just kept going, and she felt her dogs would be the right type of dog for me. We had quite a lengthy chat about me, my dogs and horses, and her dogs.

After a good walk round and look at her dogs, Bill’s shires, her llamas, geese, hens you name it, she showed me a pen with some pups in. One in particular started jumping up and trying to climb out immediately she saw me. I was making a fuss of all the pups, but this particular one was frantically trying to gain my attention and get to me, Eddy commented that I had been chosen, and there was absolutely no use in looking at any of the other pups. She opened the pen door, and out stepped a very smug looking pup, I asked her name and was told it was Tawney. My friend was totally besotted by the pups, and of course the inevitable happened, and out came Tawney’s sister, Sasha.

Tawney walked away with me like she had been with me forever. I have reproduced a photo on here of her taken with me the day after she came home with me, she is looking up at me with total love, and that was the way she always was.

My friend and I loaded them into her car, and back home we went. Our first stop was to the bath that my friend and her husband had just taken out in order to fit a new bathroom suite. Because we both had resident dogs already, both were bathed in order to minimize the chance (however slight) of cross infection, were toweled dry, and still a little stunned I think after their eventful day, were given a quick snack and a drink.

Then Tawney left her sister with my friend, we got into my car, and made the 10 minute journey to my home, where she met my one remaining dobie, Piaf.

I could sit for hours and tell you of  her life and the things she did, she had great dignity and a tremendous sense of humour, she would look at me sometimes and I just knew what she was thinking, she was marvelously expressive.

In early September 2005 she had the first stroke, followed by another 2 weeks later.

She was very unsteady on her feet at first, but began to make slow progress, and I was hopeful that if we made it through the winter she would gain some ground.

Sadly it was not to be, she had several small strokes in December, and on Monday 23 January 2006 she had another stroke, this time she could not get up, and I made the painful decision to let her cross Rainbow Bridge, so at 11.45am on that day the vet sent her on her final journey away from me.

I will always remember her for her sheet enjoyment and exhilaration of life. I wanted a dog with a ‘difference’ and as I have already said, that is exactly what I got. Run Free at The Bridge my darling girl.



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